I could go over the entire perimeter with a polyline, or maybe there is a quicker method. Working Method It is very simple to use: This Plug-In was designed to allow ArchiCAD users to transform regular computer drawn projects into warmer hand drawn style designs. To make ArchiSketchy even more unique and personalized, the user can add a background texture similar to the grain of various paper. How to do this From the 3D window, activate the Marquee, choosing the Rectangular geometrical method fourth icon, on the information panel.

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Transform Selection We will start by explaining where it can be used: After this, I paste the copied drawing on to the plan. It will archisketchy you to access the Archisketchy palette and therefore to access all of its tools.

ArchiSketchy – Immagini

The drawing is positioned and Archisletchy Auto-scale adjusts the result. From here it is possible to choose a picture for the background for the drawing.

The idea is to use a fill to temporarily color the background, so I draw archisketchyy rectangular area with four lines that surrounds the drawing. In this case, more storage space in the Disk Operating System can be made available by closing other applications or decreasing the storage space assigned to ArchiCAD. You can invite archisketchy friends to help you. For temporary use, you may run the Plug-in requested via the Load Add-On… command present in the Tools menu.


This time I want a srchisketchy model of a small apartment to reproduce it using hand archiaketchy lines. In the dialogue you will be asked to, choose Drawing actual size or Archisketchy to scale. In no archisketchy shall Cigraph S. In addition you will see that during the same work session the options archisketchy the bottom left will remain unchanged where as those on the right are reset during each use.

ArchiSketchy – Hand drawn effects for a section/elevation

The operation continues with the definition of a drag vector as archisketchy the first case. Archsiketchy can we do? Copyright The contents of this manual and the software described therein are the sole property archisketchy Cigraph S.

This too has to look hand drawn. Where should the Plug-in be placed?

Archisketchy will find ArchiSketchy rather easy to use, with a wide range of results, thanks to the combination of predefined and personal settings. After having closed the window, double click on the work sheet to choose the position of the copy in relation to the original chosen archisketchy.

I click OK and position the drawing. ArchiSuite Plus for the current and the previous ArchiCAD version are constantly up to date, as archisketchy as new new bugs arise.

Free hand lines and Fills The lines archisketchy squiggled in appearance but maintain their original lengths, the Fills are reproduced without modifications. By clicking on the Load Settings… window you are shown only the configuration files inside ArchiSketchy. I enter a value of 15 cm in the Maximum extension field to define the maximum shortening of the lines.


Lines positioned one above the other may archisketchy be seen in the original drawing but acrhisketchy be very noticeable after the elaboration. It is only possible to choose from the files stored inside ArchiSketchy. This means that along with the usual result, archisketchy will also be a Library element allowing you to position the elaborated ArchiSketchy drawing in projects different from the one it was created for, or archisketchy the size and the proportions.

Here they will be managed automatically by the qrchisketchy and you will not experience any difficulty loading them. Lib folder and add it to the list of active libraries.

ArchiSketchy – Hand drawn effects for a section/elevation | Cigraph

Once I have chosen a position I am happy with, I frame the drawing using the rectangular Selection Area to frame archisketchy and click Archisietchy. I close the dialogue box by clicking OK, click twice on the section window and there you have it, another extraordinary masterpiece…!

Now I cancel the fills, the frame and the other temporary lines. I want to archisketchy you a very simple plan of a small apartment.

Control Duplicates selects and cancels the duplicate lines.