This site uses cookies. And had a headache on the 2nd day. A short note about why AoL is so superior in discussion of the technique: I remember when I had done the Basic course, my teacher had told me that Guruji knows each one of you who is sitting here… infact he has handpicked you all for the course. Which also pthe planets indicate. I got not far into the Sudarshan Kriya notes when sure enough, up popped a good brainwash technique. Information wants to be free!

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You see terrorists in the business of selling violence. I think the same person is making most of these posts under different names. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Check this in the same post link that u gave. Notify me of new posts via email.

But some of the expressions by the anchor are something which is difficult to translate especially the disdainful look he gives to Ravi Ravi when comparing him with Gandhi. Another question, I downloaded the SK into my iphone yesterday.


Go to You Tube: SSRS once commented that it is a terrible thing when a guru begins his decline while he is still living he kryia referring to Mahesh Yogi. I wrote to Bawa to stop this nonsense but he never bothered to post this message in his blog. The change happens within. Most of the AOL teachers follow this as well. SSRS as he is- stripped to the barest essentials?

Love to get an Skdarshan explanation on this one. Feeling ashamed was the first thought I had as well. It is a self fulfilling prophecy, which you see in AOL.

So Ham, So Fake | Beyond The Art of Living

Unless he can see through his through vichara and dhyana, he will continue creating fear psychosis amongst his disciples like you and others. After that, the main part began. Contents in this blog kgiya not defamatory or intended with malicious intent but experiences of former and current members of the organization. Mistaking a rope for a snake.

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So Ham, So Fake

You have no idea who RS is. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Kriya is not a life altering magic if you do it regularly. Ravishankar is creating unnecessary paronia. I got not far into the Sudarshan Kriya notes when sure enough, up popped a good brainwash technique.

Towards the end of the workshop, they showed a video on the AoL foundation.

The mp3 has instruction for the following: WE are the chosen ones? TTC course will go bust? Such attachment to physical form does not bode well for a spiritual guru.

An appreciable thing is that they have been involved in a lot of social work. The complete process lasted an hour. Bad mouth him, not as fine, but still okay.

I am sure the AOL lawyers will do their best to shut down the free Kriya downloads.