Nice work Keep writing Rohit By: Thank you for rating this Product. But i must say her live concerts r not too interesting. Beautifully sung by Jayshree this song is another trend setter for her. Nanda Nandana – A very famous raaga atleast for those who read my first article ‘Desh’, starts with a note by Jayshree. Kanden Kanden – One of the best song sung by Jayshree in the raaga ‘Baageshri’.

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I have always been a great admirer of jaysree.

Since nobody has written any revu about this album, let me do some justice to her work. Enna solli azhaithal – A song set in a very famous raaga ‘Kaanada’, starts with a veena chpice showing a glimpse of this raaga. Both of you seem to have impeccable taste in music. A very famous song in this raaga for music lovers. Image size per photo cannot jayashree 10 MB.

I have to admit that I have not listened much to pure classical music.

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Bageshri is one of my favorite raagas, but I heard it late. Good to know this. Nanda Nandana – A very famous raaga atleast for those who read my first article ‘Desh’, bombay jayashree listeners choice with a note by Jayshree. A beautiful song to start this album. The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. Bombay Jayshree deserves full appreciation for rendering subtle emotions to feel this song even more pleasing. The preludes are really very pleasing and creates an awesome mood to listen this song.


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But What I did not know was that such beauty even We’ll contact you shortly. The interludes are worth mentioning and is well suited for this song rather than any other song. In the first line of charanam, listen to the word ‘karathruda danda’ and a simple note by Jayshree.

Click jayasheee to know more. Everything is just perfect in this song. You could have written the review under your own name isn’t it? But i must say her live concerts r not too interesting. Shrinivasa Thiru – A mesmerising raaga ‘Hamsaanandhi’ and a hynoticising song, what a combination!!!

Bombay jayashree listeners choice jayashtee Kaanada, our mind instantly pops up ‘Alai paayuthe’, which is familiar even in the rural areas thanks to A.

Listener’s Choice | Bombay Jayashri

But your review was helpful in bombay jayashree listeners choice some of the raagas. Excellent vocal by Jayshree, her vocal chords are very clear in this song that it needs mentioning.


An OTP has been sent to your email address. Altogether there are 11 songs in this album. Both the interludes go well with the song. Why the hell r u writing the revu now? Bombay Jayshree gives a fabulous rendering all over the song. The second interludes promptly reveal the mood of the song and fits properly. Lets move on to the songs.

Upload photo jauashree with. The one and only carnatic song in film song you have ‘Raathiriyil Poothirukkum’ – pure Hamsaanandhi to pop your mind in this raaga is this song and it reaches great heights beyond one’s imagination.