Charles Web Debugging Proxy v3. Your review for Charles Web Debugging Tool -. Enhanced both black and white list tools with options to either gracefully block or terminate the blacklisted requests. What do you think about Charles Web Debugging Tool? Major enhancements and improvements. Double-clicking a request no longer switches Structure and Sequence view. Blacklist tool fixed wouldn’t activate CSV export:

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Download and more information on my blog. Plans available on the website: Charles is developed by XK Without this visibility it is difficult and time-consuming to determine exactly where the fault is. Don’t leave without your download! Not to mention other SSL features. Release Notes 28 Jan Charles 3.

Charles (64bit) 3.11.2

New Features ‘Find’ rewritten and dramatically improved it’s actually usable now Terminate long-running transactions manually from the context menu Advanced Repeat now supports delays between requests and repeats Customisable columns in the Sequence view with a large selection of options including sorting Cookie editor Whitelist tool to complement existing Blacklist tool. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari.

Fix launching Charles by opening a file SSL empty requests regression from 3. Ignore action in the contextual menu now works across multiple hosts Repeat tool now respects throttling settings Repeat, Edit, Validate added to the Tools menu. Rewrite tool URL rewrite now allows debgging strings to be created Mirror tool, filename length limit increased Firefox add-on detection improved for newer Firefox versions Bug charles web debugging proxy 3.5.2 Your download is ready!


Major new features and enhancements including: Download Download a free trial Version 4. Brave blocks unwanted content by default and keeps count.

Charles Web Debugging Proxy v Final (x86 & x64)

What do you think about Charles Web Debugging Tool? Minor improvements and bug fixes including: No more recording limits. Sequence filter now also filters on the Info column Sequence filter waits for you to stop typing before filtering, improves the performance when filtering large lists Sequence auto scroll now automatically disables if you click off the last request, and re-enables when you click back onto the last request.

Addresses a fault when using the Rewrite tool with response body rewriting. You can install that certificate on your computer using the options in the Help menu, under SSL Proxying. System tray icons improved macOS: Correctly import keep-alive responses Display imported requests in the correct order Major bug fixes: We provide our users with the charles web debugging proxy 3.5.2 up-to-date and Full Version. Many dialogs in Charles could be opened multiple times via either keyboard shortcut or menu command Fixed the ‘Throttle Settings’ and ‘External Proxy Settings’ dialogs so that they can be dismissed using the Escape key Charles web debugging proxy 3.5.2 a race condition that could corrupt data sent over unproxied SSL connections Fixed the large memory use that could occur when binary content was displayed in the Text or Raw Viewer Version 3.


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Updated to the debugfing Java 1. Improve occassional hanging issue when using a retina display macOS: Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. All content is copyright Major enhancements and bug fixes including: Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. Free Download Manager Efficiently manage your downloads.

Charles Web Debugging Proxy