You place your order, you get the downloadable version when the transaction is complete, then they’ll send your physical copy. Or is it still a pre-order? The sheet effects on the sector maps kick backside. You get easy to use drawing tools, textures and a palette of several thousand symbols in multiple styles to construct SF cartography, for any game system. I started a thread about some questions and if you check out post 6 from Ralf he talks about an automatic import.

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These can be used to create either satellite-imagery maps – based on hex symbols or standard CC3 drawing tools – or more abstract terrain maps for the GM’s reference. I had the older version of Cosmographer, and upgraded to the version 3. Use sheet effect to make your stars shine bright and the engines glow hot. Cosmographer 3 agree that CC has a high learning curve; I like it, but it should be easier to use for people who are casual users.

Find More Posts by Randyman. You get easy to use drawing tools, textures and a palette of several thousand symbols in multiple styles to construct SF cartography, for any game system.

The time now is There are some very nice cosmographfr colorful templates, but the amount of effore required to use the tool to draw simple deckplans far outweighs cozmographer pretty pictures. If I was designing deckplans to sell I’d use something like Cosmographer.


It’d be nice if it did – I’d only want to use mapping software to make the sector maps, and cosmographer 3 it doesn’t import text UWPs to create the maps and even better, allow the cosmographer 3 to customise them then it’s not really much use to me.

Cosmographer for CC3 – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Page 1 of 2. Cosmographer for CC3 I have bought, downloaded, and installed it already.

Company number ProFantasy Software – map making for gamers. Originally Posted by Carl Sagan “If you want to cosnographer an apple pie cosmographer 3 scratch, you must first create the universe”. It’s actually out now? It has most if not all the sectors of known space in it already. Find More Posts by rasimus. Desiging user-friendly software is NOT rocket science.

This small box contains everything from galaxies to starships!

Use of this web site is subject to our terms and privacy policy. Company number ProFantasy Software – map making for gamers. Cosmographer for CC3 Quote: Simple things like rotating an object?

comographer First off, I have to say I’ve not been a big fan of it. Part of the application was a mapping program. Add visualized z-coordinates to your starmaps to extend your cosmographer 3 into the third dimension.


Traveller® and Cosmographer 3

Actually Cosmographer is pretty easy to use. With Cosmographer 3, you can add computer-aided cartography to your sci-fi game and create ships, solar systems, worlds and whole galaxies like never before.

I should be able to just right click on the object, select “Rotate” from the available cosmographer 3, then either do a pre-selected rotation or enter the percentage that I want. It can be kind of intimidating. I used Cosmographer and Cosmographer Pro and found them to be a bit fiddly. With that being said, I have to admit that the newer version is no cosmographer 3 over the older one. Examples Upgrades Blog Traveller. Originally Posted by Whitestreak.

Why do people always wait so long before they go to their gorilla? The product information, features and screenshots can be found cosmograapher I don’t know why!!! Cosmographer for CC3 I’ll probably pick it up either way