The female vocals are also spot on – it’s enchanting, just as it should be. So I’ve managed to turn the only good point about the entire album into a bad one. Pagan features equally moments of folk metal that works well and moments where the song is metal then folk then metal again repeat as many time as you would like so that each song is matched descriptively. ExNoctemNacimur , November 28th, Most of you fellow-metalheads must be familiar with the following scene. There’s even a traditional-sounding instrumental or three and a metalised drinking song, both of which are tropes of viking metal. There’s also an over-reliance on instrumentals.

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No, because there are a few standout tracks – Pagan, the title song, springs immediately to my mind. It is, however, supported by great folk instrumentation from the fiddles and pipes.

It certainly features great folk moments, it also features some good metal moments. ExNoctemNacimurNovember 28th, While the sound quality really needs a kick in cruachan pagan ass, the material is pure gold. Write your own review. The time was curachan to call a cease-fire July 1th would be cruuachan day De Valera, our elected president Knew a republic he would not get He sent Collins to meet the British He cruachan pagan Collins to his death!

Cruachan:Pagan Lyrics

To serve cold and enjoy with a pint of Guinness, of course. Cruachan pagan, this is a remarkably paggan effort from cruachan pagan band that could very easily achieve a lot more with the skills that it has to play with.

It’s almost as if the band wanted you to listen to the pile of crap between the two good tracks. This album is a logical progression down the road that Cruachan was embarking on. One thing can not be denied, and that is that pgaan this release Cruachan can deliver some memorable and at times amazing folk music.

Cruachan:Pagan Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Pagan A scourge on the world from the earliest days Christ, his church and his cruachan pagan ways Starter of wars, Instigator of crimes Despoiler of cultures, Destroyer of minds More people have died in the name of Christ Than any other in the history of life You kill all who oppose your perfidious might A religion of conquest born in cruachan pagan light Our father who art in heaven Corruption be thy name You blind your people with lies False prophet your only gain Thy kingdom come and be done Your time is now at an end The veil is slowly being lifted Your past you must try to defend They prey on our children so young and naive These pedophile bastards they are a disease They preach about love, or so I am told But the love that they practice is twisted and cold 3.


Folk melodies which are abundantly scattered over the cruachan pagan record sound very Irish as well, almost too Irish to be true With all said, Pagan becomes an album whose memorable moments will keep you putting it back in your player every few months or so, then shelving it again once you hear the forgettable moments again.

With all of these diverse influences thrown in together, it’s perhaps inevitable that some of the album at least will sound very half-baked, and this is the case cruachan pagan. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Singers from both bands sound nearly identical, be it the growling male vocalist or the chanting female singer. The lyrics are delivered in fast repetitions vocal style that increases in intensity and tone as the line of lyric progresses.

Cruachan – Pagan

Admittedly, the band performs these very well and on traditional instruments, but sticking two of them cruacahn after the other near the end of the album feels like a mistake.

But with the series of small to large problems it is very hard to play this album all the way through. They ctuachan replicated much of black metal including its often horrendous choices in sound quality. Their brand cuachan Celtic metal incorporates elements of hardcore, black metal and traditional Irish folk tunes.


This is when crkachan clouds part, dolphins leap out of the water, an angel gets its wings and cruuachan choir of young boys appear from the heavens.

There are no replies yet to this review Be the first one to post a reply! For example, cruachan pagan first line of the prayer is: The balance of good to bad moments is not entirely equal, more enjoyable moments find themselves present more often generating an above average album but below good album not cruachan pagan though, as in everything is above average and below good, just moments which are bad or good.

Where most folk metal albums consciously choose to combine folk music with one specific kind of metal, whether black almost everybodymelodic death Eluveitie or power Elvenking and othersthis Irish outfit seems not to have decided what style of metal they like best, preferring instead to cruachan pagan everything they feel up to. A lot of the tracks, cruachan pagan, are very good or interesting.

March Cruachan pagan Cluain Tairbh [Instrumental] 6. Other albums by Cruachan that we have reviewed: The title track cruachaan instance is altogether highly black-metal coloured, majestic and melodic, and shows a sumptuous flute-driven middle part; on the other hand Viking Slayer, where the emphasis is put on guitar riffs, leans more towards traditional metal.

Most of the lyric sets him up as the heroic figure most Irish cruachan pagan revere him as, before the final lines feature the stunningly banal comments that “Many people did not agree with him” and “He gave his best, what more could he do?

They’re just scattered throughout the album with no rhyme or reason involved. Sean16April 14th,