It is also advised to configure Garmin nRoute before you start driving, since its controls can be hard to operate while driving. You can set up in the Navigation tab in the Preferences, how much guidance and directions you want. I never use 3d mode. Voice Directions The vocal directions seem to be good and specific. Oct 19th, Freeware.

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Voice clarity nRoute uses a female voice, which sounds synthesized, but it is not too bad.

Download Garmin nRoute

Terry, just didn’t know if there was anything besides Nroute that could be used that others have turned over the years. But if it came with 2 unlock codes it’s pretty old and likely has a lot more up to date data almost everywhere! The interface gqrmin features are garmin nroute about identical to the Nuvi. I called Garmin to ask a question about Mobile PC.

garmin nroute If you put the map folders in the same location as the other computer e. Garmin nroute Terry said, it really depends on how old your map version is whether it might be improved in the areas you are interested in. The people at Garmin, or atleast the ones I spoke with, had varying opinions on whether or not I could view ngoute map information supplied with MobilePC With no map dvds or data from your old hard drive, MapSource and nRoute aren’t going to be of much use.


Unfortunately, the app won’t be able to enable auto-routing except for City Select or City Navigator products that have been unlocked beforehand and a GPS unit that has been unlocked to those products.

Garmin nRoute

Leave it if you want. However, in our archives you can garmin nroute nRoute here The graphics are superb and for basic nav functions it’s really simple to use. Doesn anyone know or have an opinion garmin nroute whether garrmin not I should bother upgrading to a newer version of City Navigator? Hell I don’t even know if they’d do that. Microsoft offers a 60 day free trial of their product you could try out. These can be customized in the Preferences, under Info Bar.

Download Garmin nRoute

These options are grayed out depending on your navigation status. I would recommend 6. These are the new features: This is useful because it dims down the brightness of the screen that can garmln distracting while driving at night. It will mark garmin nroute current location as noute waypoint.

I could give you an idea of garmin nroute the display compares to nRoute visually Terry. Find Options There are three find options, including find by name, find nearest and recently found places. Thanks Ken, that makes more sense but I was too lazy to check.


I found it similar to use as in MapSource and quite easy to select the particular location I wanted to navigate to. Most of the nroutd down menus and the toolbars are the same. The Icon is the play button symbol, like on a tape or CD player. However for nrojte, there is the Route toolbar and different options in the Utilities toolbar.

There is also the option of Route Guidance and Status, Guidance Garmin nroute or you can only get vocal directions if you prefer, upon demand by tapping the space bar. Thanks for help John. You can also cut and paste tracks or waypoints from MapSource.

Originally Posted by tcassidy In the past, others have reported that the GPS 18 Deluxe package included a download of the latest Garmin maps. If you have issues with the latest version of Garmin nroute from the download above, you can install an nrpute version. What mapping software can I use?