It was a hit movie because of the good story and the beautiful songs. He outright rejects any tolerance for miscreants. Published by Mrastial Likwal Malakand in collaboration with a local NGO, it contains beautiful poems on the subject of peace. For this reason he is not only limited to literature but also has a vision about the local and international politics. Pashto Poetry Books Download Pashto. His poetry deals with peace, love, human dignity, human rights and Pashtun nationalism. There was a memorable Mushaira poetry session on the eve of his wedding.

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He is also looking forward to highlight those writers and poets whose work went unnoticed because of lack of resources or some other reasons. He was one of the senior writers and the life long President of Mardan Adabi Jarga.

But his most popular lines are the ones in which he wants the Peace to prevail throughout the world:. He got involved with poetry in young age. He has described many things and changes that had taken place with the passage of time. He has sirar hard for the development israr atal pashto poetry book Pushto language and is very keen that Pushto shall be given full respect like any isgar language in the world.

He even did not bother to open a bank account.


Terrorism Defined by Pashto Poetry – words | Study Guides and Book Summaries

In later stages he was running an independent Homeopathic Clinic in Becket Gunj. Moreover, he is also a progressive ppetry of Pashto language.

He promoted Pushto till the last day of his life. For this reason he is not only limited to literature but also has a vision about the local and international politics.

Israr atal pashto poetry book free download – Google Docs

He believes in what Khushhal Khan Khattak once said in a couplet, that a terrorist should at no cost be tolerated in the country even if a pious man recommends his stay.

However it is worth mentioning that on this occasion another person put his claim on the award and subsequently Mahboob Ali Mahboob could not get the full financial benefit. Israr recalls the glorious past of Peshawar when it used to be the city of flowers; today one can only see and smell explosions and its land is strewn with blood and flesh.

It became very popular and the literary activities were at the height. The years of oppression has made pashyo revengeful.

Pashto Poetry Collection

He is extremely talented poet and writer. Palwasha poetry in …. For Urdu speaking people he wrote a book about how to learn Pushto.

Poetrj has been an excellent book of its time and most probably the best of its kind. Sign Up or Sign In. After all, you are Pashtuns israr atal pashto poetry book Pashtuns never defile the invitation for peace negotiations. He is also radio presenter of Radio Opetry FM We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.


The child was screaming and Soz ran to his help. This book has received many awards. Lewanai manda kri pa shundo dandasa. Not many people, including Charity Trustees, will help the poor people as Soz did: The beginning of this year witnessed the launch of some new Pashto poetry books, versifying poetty present social turmoil and militancy.

Asrar-e-Khudi Pdf urdu book free download, asrar e khudi by abdur rashid fazil, asrar e khudi by allama iqbal, asrar-o-ramoz in urdu language, asrar e khudi pdf urdu book free download. Any Topic Essays Pastho He spent his life with his family in Takhtbai from onwards.

Israr has received many other awards which include: I wish you would add sound of thunder to her scenery.

His first Book was in Urdu Language and called: I pray to God for his blessing over the poor and needy of this land Poet: