The Journal can be printed, and its contents can be copied and pasted into other applications. Currently the software can display , points per channel online and one million points per channel offline, so you can see quite a bit of data at a glance. You can display up to 1,, data points per channel on the screen. Cardiovascular and Hemodynamic Recording Click to maximize. Leptin modulates enteric neurotransmission in the rat proximal colon:

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Static blood flow autoregulation in the optic nerve head in normal and experimental glaucoma. LabScribe is provided on an open license so you can record data in the lab and analyze it in your office without buying multiple copies of the software.

Labscribe3 Labscribw New features in this powerful recording and analysis labscribe 2.0 include: And, of course, you can print or export anything that you see. There are 31 different kinds of labscribe 2.0 supported in this window.

Resolution 16 bit Stimulator Outputs: In addition to images, data values from the Main and Analysis Windows can be added to the Journal. LabScribe includes a scripting function for use if the built-in analysis tools fall short of what is required for your application. Settings Files Settings files can be created for different experimental protocols.


Bioseb: LabScribe

Real-Time Annotations Labcribe data during an experiment with free-form text notes. This makes changing program settings to accommodate different experiments point-and-click easy.

This feature enhances the acquisition experience by providing summary data from the traces being collected. Meter Windows Numerical data can be displayed in a meter window as a digital value during data collection. Of course, you labscribe 2.0 always print your data from any window at any scale.

Cardiovascular and Hemodynamic Recording Click to maximize. Longitudinal hemodynamic changes within the optic nerve head in experimental glaucoma.

User-defined settings provide the option to display various parameters from input traces such as mean, minimum, maximum, amplitude, rate, etc. Certain information may be country-specific and may not apply in all countries. Labscribe 2.0 analysis can be performed on any signals. Marks can be preset and assigned as keyboard shortcuts, to all channels or a specific channel, for quick and easy annotation. Non Invasive Pressure Measurement Warming chambers for pressure mea The x-axis display is compressed or expanded using point and click icons labscriibe the LabScribe toolbar.

LabScribe software upgrades labscribe 2.0 free.

Bioseb assumes no responsibility for any use of the information in this Web site or for any infringement .20 patents or other rights of third parties that may result. Marks can be entered to easily navigate to specific time points for data viewing and reduction. The Journal can be printed, and labscribe 2.0 contents can be copied and pasted into labscribe 2.0 applications.


Researcher, Electrothermal WPI offer a wide range of products designed for those working in the life science industry but just as importantly they offer great customer support and possess great product knowledge. You can display up to 1, data points per channel on the screen. The frequency with which the value updates can be set by the user.


The result is a powerful analytical tool that can go to work on your data right away, or be customized to do very specific and complex analyses. For this reason, LabScribe places two easy-to-move cursors in each display of data. Cursors can be labscribe 2.0 with the mouse, or for pabscribe placement, with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Scripting languages currently supported include: The number of input channels, calibration parameters, graph settings, computed channels, views and analysis protocols are all saved to a settings file.

Additional features labscribe 2.0 in LabScribe software: Data analysis with LabScribe is divided into five types.