Most of the tracks on the present IS are either moody mid-tempo or slightly more upbeat rockers, but we’re a long way from the double-versions of the debut album’s haunting ambiances, partly due to the new drummer’s unsubtle drumming. The production is sharp, the packaging is classy again, unlike the histrionic visual overkill of too much Prog Rock cover art , and the performances are uniformly excellent. Or Simon Nordberg’s keyboards, employed more for atmospheric color rather than the usual virtuoso wanking. Sounds build as vocals join in. A bass intro as guitar is strummed. I wouldn’t call this stuff exactly ‘symphonic’, but it should appeal to progressive fans with slightly more open minds. The drums and bass have a solid presence and while they never dominate, they drive most songs forward.

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Planet Mellotron Album Reviews: Landberk

I don’t have any other of thei All three bands started around the same time, and they all discarded the changes made to progressive rock in the ’80s for a more ‘fundamentalist’ approach to the style thank God ; organs and Mellotrons are strictly the order of the day. His unique guitar playing always stands out and provides that craving and almost hesitating tone in Landberk’s dim and bare sound. Landberk indian summer, there’s an oxymoron for you. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Mellotron after a landberk indian summer with some excellent guitar in tow.

Whether or not Unaffected is ‘official’ isn’t that relevant, really, especially with the band having gone the way of all things, so, generally recommended. Jazz Latin New Age.

Indian Summer

Another thing is the band’s now-eroded over-reliance on the mellotron sound, even if it is still effective enough, especially countering the still-effective and unique Fiske guitar sound; but should you take the trons out, I’m not sure there is ladnberk much substance left to these.


Even on the more raucous “1st landberk indian summer May” and later on the robust “Dustgod” whether the pace quickens, the intensity remains, verging near a proggier Sukmer Division or perhaps Radiohead.

Landberk’s swansong is probably one of prog’s most overrated supposedly masterpiece. Indian Summer is the last Landberk album. The rest of the album carries on in a similar vein, although there are a couple of landberk indian summer more upbeat numbers; Landberk were nothing if not melancholy, to the point where they made their aforementioned contemporaries sound like quintessential party bands. No, frankly, but Landberk fans will want to track a copy down, if only to hear the otherwise-unreleased material.

Well, after years of fruitless search I was lucky to find this rarity second hand, of course – looks like it is out of print now in some small but nice record store in Stockholm for a reasonable price There are hardly any highlights on this Indian Summer.

Indian Summer itself indizn Landberk’s transition to art rock as against prog, interrupted by their eventual split. It’s cool stuff, in a way, and will surely hold you spellbound for a spin or two, if only for the landberk indian summer of the sound, the shimmering guitar play and the drums which are used to good effect.

Listen lanndberk the relaxed yet confident drumming of Jonas Lindholm. A feel good tune. If llandberk was truly LANDBERK’s final album, and after an almost ten-year silence it’s beginning to look likely, they can at least boast of having quit at the top of their game.

I’ll just say that “Indian Summer” offers a unique sound as far as prog is concerned – call it prog dressed in an ‘alternative’ suit. Because it is not loud crappy tracks like 1st Of May that do much good to the album, and neither does the equally loud Dustgod, which seems to have some programmed keyboard sounds or the drum-loud but overly simple Dreamdance.


The title’s a slight misnomer, actually, as only the first five tracks were recorded at Studion landberk indian summer June ’93, while Riccochet’s from the Black Horse Inn the February before and Tillbaka Till Naturen’s from Sunlight-Studion, September ’91, right at the beginning of the band’s landberk indian summer.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. A bass intro as guitar is strummed. Somebody wrote that this album sounds like a prog U2?

LANDBERK Indian Summer reviews

One of the band’s strengths was not overusing the ‘Tron, although it would’ve been far too easy to have smothered the whole thing in it. For some reason this album is classified as one of the most overrated Swedish prog inrian Introspection Late Night Partying. I am rather disappointed with this recording. I mean you need to be respectful of this landberk indian summer as it landberk indian summer not fit easily into a playlist; it’s an experience on its own. Average I would say. Some people will be tempted to compare this album to Pink Floyd ‘s atmospheric rock, but it has more bite than that, it is less-polished to the bone, more elemental and emotional, hinting at Radiohead ‘s OK Computer a induan before the latter came out.

Drums then vocals come in. Even on a long piece like All Around Methe band sounds more like a 90’s continuation of Joy Division then like anything heavy or prog. Medicine can take away depression, but I still can understand this dark feeling.