The kid has nothing to rap about so every track is the same. Tare this shit up. I do enjoy to troll tho. He changed the date for this song lmfao http: D5 had 2 mil downloads first day. Looking forward to it.

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Weezy let us down mainne. Dat D2 Wayne brooooooo. What kind of wack ass shit is that to say. I guess so but wane in that long ass interview he did. Luv all the way from here in West compton. Ok yeah i respect everything ya just said bruh. Twist is so whack man. Dam first believe me now this shit!!

D’usse – Lil Wayne by YoungMoneyDotCom | Young Money Dot Com | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I like everythin this dude puts out today! Carter were dussse but carter4 was pretty great. I gonna do some calculus while listening to this track! I enjoy Weezys music but he let me down on this last two tracks.


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Man why lul niggas hating now. The lil wayne dusse has nothing to rap about so every track is the same. Wayne used to be a real nigga, or at least he gave off a good impression as one.

I see you happy where your life is at I see you smile, I can’t live with pil [Chorus: He is still lyrical but this song is weak for CV. Naw the post said dussefreestyle when it was first posted online. Go listen to the song, not simple hear it. Picture me broke but forgot to take the top off the lenses. Twist is a waste of space on C5. Plus you never posted that Daniel Tosh promoted Believe Me on his tv show. Lil Wayne ya friend or something?

I respect and like lio dude today like i did back lil wayne dusse the day. Can you post a link or something cuz I gotta hear this shit before i believe you. Tare this shit up.


Pops treated mom like billie jean, Like hot sauce i put on everything!!! Dot] Weezy Up, K. I do enjoy to troll tho. What happened to this Weezy??? Gettin some tomatos lol. When he retires rap wont be the same. Gucci Mane [Verse 1: And Weezy is Weezy.

Completely different from a freestyle. Gucci Mane] Actin’ like they killers, but them niggas just some hoes We act like this a studio, this dussd just a trap Everything we got, we had to whip it out the bowl Before we shake your hand, we’ Den go to d kendrick fan site nd wait for the verse.