It is designed to inform the audience about safety signs at work, to promote the importance of respecting the signs, and to learn and identify the meaning of the signs through their form and the colour. Factory Layout and Planning. The leisure time situations cover driving, home, lifestyle, social and sport. The objective is to draw attention to the importance of labeling chemical products. They give recognition when things are done well and are decisive if things go wrong. The longer he works, the higher and hotter the sun becomes. Here are the winners from – Bild:

napo safety videos

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Napo is the hero of the cartoon series.

napo safety videos

Skip to main content. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Support. The film is designed for use as a training aid to introduce risk assessment and the concepts of hazard and risk.

In this short clip, Napo makes his own unique naop to the cause of smoke-free workplaces. Via Storia, a French company from Strasbourg, won the contract. A couple of videos by Fundacion Jean Maggi Argentina about inclusion, diversity and safety issues for disabled people. The film is designed for all work environments and is intended to open up discussion about some of the most difficult issues facing workers, managers and supervisors. Managers are leaders; effective leaders demonstrate their commitment by their actions.

napo safety videos

The Napo series of films are produced in computer graphics. Subscribe to our mailing list. It can cause serious problems such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.


napo safety videos

The main theme of the film is that transport in the workplace must be well organised and well managed. They give recognition when things safet done well and are decisive if things go wrong. This requires planning, implementation and monitoring by senior managers, risk assessment to identify hazards and risks, and the need to take appropriate action.

Napo in… safe moves

Technical Helpdesk Technical Services. Each scene is independent of the others and can be used as one film, or napoo. Aston Martin apprentices speak up Apprentices at Aston Martin explain why risk awareness is a crucial part of learning new job skills; and call for all young workers to speak up if they feel unsafe.

The first film in the Napo series provides a basic introduction to health and safety signs and symbols found in the workplace.

napo safety signs for employee – video dailymotion

Click the below link to down the full video Protect your skin. Climate Change Levy Scheme. There are videoe misadventures and each is typical of an individual or collective risk in an enterprise.

The construction safety videos are available in English and Spanish, the landscaping safety videos are available as images and text in addition.

NAPO in…Safe moves – video clip

We exist to provide expert industry specific advice so you can develop and grow a sustainable and profitable business. The main theme of the film is that vodeos in the safeety must be well organised and well managed. Page-1 Page-2 Page-3 Page-4 Page The film tells the story of Napo, a model workman. Click the below link to down the full video Safe maintenance.


Napo identifies some of the causes of stress at work in his traditional humorous style including excessive demands, low control, constant pressure, unacceptable behaviour, lack of respect, change, bad planning and contradictory instructions which lead to errors, fatigue, burnout, exhaustion and poor performance.

Because the Napo films are language free, it allows people of all backgrounds and cultures to understand and identify with the character, from workplace operatives to senior management alike. Each sketch is followed by a brief sequence showing how to prevent accidents by safe working practices. This video produced by the British Safety Council shows a young construction apprentice working on a new block of flats who talks about workplace risks and how learning new skills includes doing the job safely.

The universal language of Napo makes the films suitable for everyone. Scene 06 Circus number. The focus is on workplace transport. This film is suitable for all sectors and all levels of employees but especially for young people in training and work experience. Napo – Safe Moves Go.