Free and Pro Plugin Features Please see more detailed features list. Why I am seeing this? Use prefix if your custom field has only partial location. If blogpost has youtube reference it will be attached. Integration with Facebook is very problematic.

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This plugin caused me to have to reset my Facebook password 10 times. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Nextscripts social networks auto-poster pro do I need all those apps? So this plugin used to have Full Query problem, I have a site that is set to post every 6 hours and ignore posts that are over the posting limit. Bug Fix — Incorrectly configured bit. Please Click “Settings Tab” and select some categories.

Then a recent update broke this even more, the plugin will clear the queue if it detects there are too many posts being queued.

If you use other specialized plugins, uncheck this option. Reddit with third party API library — post to your subreddits. Version s Since 2. Please install it or contact your hosting company to install it.


NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

Line — Autopost to your channel, group or room. Tumblr — Autopost to your account. Bug Fix — Performance improvement for some sites experiencing slow down. Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers” errors. I reached out for support 4 days ago on this and have not heard back nextscripts social networks auto-poster pro.

Enter your password below to link accounts: Bug Fix — Cron report messages. Bug Fix — Fixed [Change] button in the time scheduler. It comes with admin panel where you can decide what sites can run SNAP or not. Ability to attach your blogpost to LinkedIn post. Some email providers gmail, hotmail might have problems getting such mail’, ‘social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g’?

Instapaper — Auto-submit bookmark to your account. Translate into your language. Defined 1 The class is defined in the following location s. Bug Fix — [Reposter] Same post was selected. You have LinkedIn group accounts configured.


ns_snautoposter | class | WordPress |

SNAP now has two links for authorization — one for older apps eocial profile support and one for news apps without. A lot of service only work in premium version. Bug Fix — [Medium] Authorization issue. Ability to make Scheduled and Delayed posts Advanced Filters. XING — Post text messages or share links. Bug Fix — Comments import issues. Please see complete installation instructions with video and screenshots. Bug Fix — [LinkedIn] Protection against ghost account records created by browser.

I ran into an issue renewing the license in which I did not receive an updated API key.