Best used as a screening tool for ideas. Omnitrader Hi i have used omnitrader for about 18months i find it very virisitile although you have to ignore the signals some times as i find it to optimized but it filters out some exelent trading candidates on a short medium term basis the best thing i find is that you can confirm your trades with weekly signals with about indicators u carnt go far wrong if you trade the trend. Almost everything is configurable. Version is very good Been using this since 7. Change the Daily “Bars Loaded” to a higher value eg.

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Standard canned signals can omnitradwr misleading just like any trading software. To omnitrader more than 2 years of data on a chart click Edit then Omnitrader Periods. Select the User data source as below: Have I made money using it? You can choose to optimize or not.

Omnitrader amount of indicators and prebuilt systems And I mean a lot. Search Everywhere Reviews This category. I use other products that are far better and cheaper. Sometimes the omnitrader needs a restart. The Strategy Engine runs these systems hundreds of times faster than competitive software, which means you can scan for opportunities across thousands of stocks.


Dollar for dollar, this is the best trading program IMO. ASX or US such as shown below. Need to use a screening tool then visually look at charts to decide if you should actually trade on omnitrader. If it omnitradder 64bit, I think that wouldn’t omnitrader be a problem.

A good number of plugins some are great, some are not.

Stock Market, Futures and Forex Data for OmniTrader

Then omnitradwr the Add button as below: It’s a brilliant concept omnitrader by loads of program bugs, crashes and poor system design. You can use an Esignal or IQfeed stream besides the Omnidata omnitrader offered by the company.

This makes our life very easy later on when we add securities in the focus list. It has been erratic as an automated system paper trading and because of bad exits, good profits frequently turn into losses so blindly paper trading it has resulted in omnitrader losses. OmniTrader is one omnitrader three trading platforms offered by Nirvana Systems and comes with several great Trading Strategies, including one for finding key reversals and another for breakouts.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. It also ranks signals so omnitrqder have a good way of finding possible trades without spending omnitrader looking through charts etc.


Entry signals have been good but exit signals have been poor e. Simple if you want it to be, omnitrader very deep if you have time. It is best used as a TA stock screener to look for opportunities. Support told me “loads of people get lock ups. My UK focus list kept changing due to overwriting by US stocks.

OmniTrader FAQ

Create a new profile We will create a separate profile for your Premium Data focus list. You omnitrader choose wisely there’s tons to choose from.

This FAQ has the following sections: Now repeat this step for other data folders you wish to add eg. Omnitrader you get silly straight omnitrader based on 2 touches on a curved price line. Omnitrader After 1 month’s usage: No omnitradeer party plugins. Periodic maintenance OmniTrader’s Focus List is static – i.