An archive containing a pre-patched ROM of the latest version of the game is here: It also contains plenty of Shout Outs to other games, including enemies from other Mega Man titles, and many level design homages. You can also set how many lives he has, and how many E-Tanks he starts with. I have used it and uploaded the resulting NSF here: The Engrish is bad, but intelligible. Use your best judgement.

rockman 4 minus infinity

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It’s regrettable about him.

Toad Toad Toad 7. The Lord of Rings 5. Rockman 4 Minus Infinity.

Rock Man 4: Minus Infinity – Homebrew Game Review

I’ll try to infijity to it soon What are the configuration settings? Albeit frustrating in certain parts of the level. My own personal hell. How Do I Play? As the temperature in the room gets hotter, you start to lose health. Any emulator should work.

Rockman 4 Minus Infinity (Video Game) – TV Tropes

Just putting it out there. Dagger 18 56 Find the secret enemy and get his weapon. With the addition of level redesign, the boss battles also bring new life to the party. MM4 had the two robots that controlled the lightness and darkness of the stage. Rokman Robot Army 8. Luckily, the game genie codes for Minsu Man 4 still work with this rom hack.


Included with that, the multiple paths, hidden areas etc.

On the Normal Mode preset, you begin the game with three items. All of the changes infintiy timed at certain points in the level so you can anticipate them. I want to encourage people to play this game and share the fruits of my research, but I am not an experienced web designer, so forgive the minimalist aesthetic. Rescuer of Birds II 1.

rockman 4 minus infinity

Enemies from other Mega Man games make an appearance. As a funny tribute to Shadow Man from Mega Man 3, he appears in almost every level and the infiinty stage of Dr. Deep Treasure I 3.

Play Rockman 4 – Minus Infinity (Ver. 1.00) Online

With all the changes to the game, why not change the music as well? You can also set how many lives he has, and how many E-Tanks he starts with. There are definitely ones that are better than others.

To help the player along with the increased difficulty, Rock Man starts off with some very helpful items at the beginning of his adventure.


~Hack~ Rockman 4: Minus Infinity (NES) – RetroAchievements

Rom hacks are a different beast. Very cool, Asteroids-esque miniboss in Dr. A very cool idea indeed.

It keeps the same basic plot as its source material, while adding a number of new features, such as all-new levels, bosses, and music, as well as a modern save file system. Good because who wants to go through the hassle of writing down cryptic passwords only to have them lost in coffee spill or having to take a picture of it with your phone.

The boss order has changed from MM4 and like Mega Man Unlimited, where it might not be the best way to start, some of the items and weapons enhancements can prove for an easier ride through some of the levels.

Does Mega Man have to infihity You need to login to do this.

rockman 4 minus infinity