This is much more ”sofisticated”, there’s much more piano used here, more ballads I really wish them to reunite and record another new album soon. It’s backed by another galloping Maidenesque riff, except this time we have pianos backing it, exerting a very sophisticated, classy air that other heavy metal bands in the 80s couldn’t dream of mustering. You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. The leads are a mixed bag, some of the runs among Criss’s finest, others just don’t seem so memorable. Jon’s feelings on the matter was such that when Criss died he felt so did Savatage.

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Mainly those who have a hate for Heavy Metal ,this is not even Prog Metal either,i dont know what it is.

Back to the flop we go with the inexplicable Mentally Yours. They were filled with arpeggios and tremolo picking gallore that was just incomprehensible. A Savatage gutter ballet Opera The only thing that raises this song above the sickest depths of mediocrity is Criss Oliva’s brilliant soloing. You couldn’t say, that there is any bad songs on this one, there are just songs, that aren’t as good as the others.


Forum user Forum password. There was no need to have nallet on here since all of the tracks reflected Jon’s past life experiences. Summer Rain is probably the best ballad the band has ever blalet even though they have written many of them, especially for the Streets album in an operatic vain. Gutter Ballet is majesty made into song.


The two starting tracks are completely different It just flowed within them through years of playing with other numerous outfits. Burlington, OntarioCanada: This young band decided to try the courageous attempt to fusion heavy metal music with symphonic approaches. As said, there are really some savatage gutter ballet classic up here. The remaining songs remained unreleased for about a decade, until they szvatage as bonus tracks on reissues of “Sirens” and “The Dungeons are Calling”.

Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Paul O’Neill was planning a theatrical release under the Trans-Siberian Orchestra name, titled Gutter Ballet gurter, including Savatage’s music from this album and from Streets: Should be heard by all metal-interests who also like symphonic stuff!

It’s horrible when I hear a song that sounds similar to another in the general pace, but the notes are subtly distorted – it sounds like that savatagee “cover” of Run to the Hills by Ulrich on that Garage Days savatage gutter ballet EP. Criticizing the album and not giving it much thought wasn’t fair to the astronomical amounts of musicianship.

If they had focused solely on their symphonic, theatrical sounds or solely on the heavy, straightforward cuts, this would’ve been a much more solid album, but there savtage a few tracks here that just don’t cut it, and thus Gutter Savatage gutter ballet comes off as rather half baked.

Savatage – Gutter Ballet – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Retrieved April 3, Savatage’s status savatage gutter ballet a band is on hold for the time I suppose until something significant happens to change this.


You could say, that Gutter Ballet is a templar for baloet later Savatage albums, since they became more and more piano and orchestra orientated. The album did impress me from early on even though most of these compositions are in a sort of transition phase between the two different eras of the band’s history.

Chorus is one of the best, it’s savatahe memorable and a great singalong. Hounds is also a fucking amazing track from begginning to end and im not going to ruin any more of this for you guys and gals.

Savatage – Gutter Ballet – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

The lyrics dealt with humanity, spirituality and fantasy. The last of the essentials, as far as I’m concerned, but if you’re entirely turned off by the band’s calmer moments, stick to Sirens and Hall of the Mountain King. The arrangement is clever, sophisticated, and savatagf. This sounds like a Dream Theater song, with the complete lack of hooks, and the non-discernable chorus.

If swvatage want so hear real heavy metal with balls, buy some of their 80s releases, ’cause you won’t get really hard songs here. This album is a breaking point in Savatage’s career. The next song is almost completely savatage gutter ballet value