We have the expertise to develop and manufacture products for original equipment manufacturers OEMs. Selecting the right sensor range for your application will depend on many variables including target characteristics and the measurement environment. Air paths are usually rearranged, blocked or eliminated to prevent this. Ultrasonic sensors are used wherever non-contact distance measurement is desirable. Senix Corporation is a small high-tech company in the picturesque Vermont town of Hinesburg, nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains.

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Similar systems are in planning stages worldwide. What if I senix fly something special? Learn more about our sensors. They DO NOT work as accurately in vapor environments that change the speed of sound from that of air. Setpoint The measured distance at which a switch output turns ON. Other measurement, environmental and target factors affect the overall result.

Most customers report back that the ruggedness and reliability are what they senix fly appreciate about our ToughSonic sensors. Ultrasonic sensors measure the distance to or presence of a target object or material through air without touching it.

If this is an issue, senix fly compensation is available in all computer configurable models. Switch outputs turn ON or OFF at a distance setpoint and are used to start and stop external actions or indicators at those distances.

Being able to detect impending flood conditions far enough upriver or far enough out at sea in time to warn people in populated areas before the water arrives, saves lives. Senix sensors have one or two simultaneous switches depending on the model. In general the target must be sehix to be detected at longer distances — the object senix fly reflect a sufficiently strong ultrasonic echo back to the sensor to be detected.


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Fpy An output senix fly that can vary proportional to senix fly distance. Current Loop Output An analog output type that drives an electrical current proportional to measured flt. Locally generated ultrasonic noise at the sensor operating frequency can interfere with measurements. Where there is liquid there is usually a need for inventory or level control.

This distance can be entered on some computer configurable models to implement simple control systems. Applications fall into three general categories: The figure above shows typical analog ma. Measure Rate The repetitive rate at which the sensor performs distance measurements. Ultrasonic sensors sometimes called ultrasonic transducersmeasure the distance to or the presence of a target object by sending a sound pulse, above the seniz of human hearing ultrasonictoward the target and then measuring the time it takes the sound echo to return.

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Sensor maximum range should be de-rated for these targets. Senix sensors are operating reliably on thousands of machines in all industries and many operating environments worldwide. Applications range from simple liquid level measurement to diameter measurements in converting machinery to robot positioning in automated warehouses. Outdoor Environments The ToughSonic models are designed to withstand the harshest outdoor environment with full epoxy potting, UV shielded cables and stainless steel senix fly polymer housings.


Due to speed of sound limitations the fastest rate is Hz at a max distance of about 24 inches. Sensors will detect both senix fly and small targets, including liquids, solids and granular materials. In general, the readings become less reliable in a non-homogeneous environment.

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As the temperature increases the target will measure closer, and vice versa. We have the expertise to develop and manufacture products for original equipment manufacturers OEMs. Aenix sensors can provide industry standard ma. Senix fly Window A range of distances within which a switch output will be vly to a defined state when a target is within the window and the opposite state when it is not.

Curved senix fly or sound absorbing materials such as fabrics or non-wovens reflect less energy directly back to the sensor. Minimum Range The minimum distance at which the sensor will begin to detect a target and report distance.