Present your data Sportscode Elite’s sorter view is the best way to present your data for detailed analysis. Connect with Sylvan Advantage. Users can also draw angles and lines on any movie frame. SportsCode Elite allows the user to define powerful coding relationships through the use of exclusive code behaviors. Create detailed analysis presentations Generate a spreadsheet-style analysis report and add evaluation notes. IP camera capture New in Version Hudl Integration All Sportscode levels have integration with Hudl built in.

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Users can also Edit sportscode re-edit templates as ofter as sportsccode. SportsCode Elite allows users to review Frequency lists for events, and sequential frames within any video instances through the instance monitor.

IP camera capture New in Version Create custom, interactive reports Link your data to video for qualitative analysis. The SportsCode Elite software also allows users sportscode stack multiple timelines and movies in one package.

sportscode SportsCode Elite allows users to create video database, and sportscode drawings to highlight key plays and combinations. Enjoy sportscode exports speeds up to 10x faster than previous versions.

Review with powerful filtering tools Create a cross-sectioned sortscode of your coded video and easily find areas to review. Utilize multiple analysts Divide coding responsibilities among multiple Sportscode devices over a LAN or the internet connection. Generate stand-alone videos and playlists from games.


Record and code directly from a fixed camera in your facility. User can easily switch between different feeds using hot keys.

Sportscode – Flexible performance analysis tailored to your team | Hudl

Educate with video Add notes and drawings to your sportscode. Full-screen viewing with smooth playback. Users can view single instances or compile multiple instances into a movie. Edit Features The SportsCode Elite software sportscode users to simply edit instances with the use of the Instance Edit Window and align video with instances by nudging Instances and soundtracks.

SportsCode Elite Software

Review-only products are great for organizations that: Sporscode can create a still image from any video frame. Users can also overlay any two video files. Execute calculations while coding With scripting commands, sportscode can compute data from what you’ve coded. All Sportscode levels have integration with Hudl built sportscode. Capture video live Whether through a camera or media feed, Sportscode can handle what you need.

Review-only versions of Sportscode Pro and Elite have all the same post-event analysis and presentation capabilities that are included in each package, without the ability to capture video. This makes it possible sporyscode use the same program across multiple disciplines. SportsCode Elite Allows you to simply edit instances sportscode codes while creating powerful coaching sportsfode with overlaid text and coaches notes.


Instant, multi-angle video review Stack and review multiple angles during live sportscode. The SportsCode Elite software allows users to quickly locate and review events even across timelines and folders, with up to 20 sportscode combinations.

On-demand analysis Make in-game adjustments by reviewing live, interactive reports.

Flexible performance analysis tailored to your team

Receive video sportscode a third party, or another Sportscode capture license, and need a second device to conduct analysis. Share real-time coded data and reports Coaches can sportsscode live reports linked to video on a separate iPad or computer via Wi-Fi. Play back video while you capture Start reviewing without having to pause or stop your recording. Customize the report with additional notes for a more detailed review.

Search Features The SportsCode Elite software allows users to quickly locate sportscode review events even across timelines and folders, with up to sportscode search combinations. Export video to view outside of Sportscode New in Version The SportsCode Elite software can import many different file and data types.