Written by admin Saturday, September 20th, Remember DevTeam don’t do it. Posted in All , Firmware , Official Tagged with 2. DevTeam created a quick solution for jailbreaking an iPhone. Written by admin Thursday, August 21st, Thanks JohnT for the news tip! Contact Us Advertise on iPhoneHacks.

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However, if you are brave enough to give this tool a shot, you could follow this guide.

You can download winpwn software versions here. Disclaimer This website is winpwn owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. GreenPois0n RC5 supports firmware 4. This requirement will change in a subsequent release.

Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. Written by admin Monday, July 28th, Here are download links for the winpwn versions of software for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad jailbreaking, activating and unlocking:. Based on the comments below, it appears that the tool is not very stable, so I would recommend that you wait for some positive feedback before using it.


However, it was not for the faint hearted, so if you are looking for an easy to use winpwn to winpwn, unlock and activate your first generation iPhone or jailbreak iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2.

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Developer of WinPwn curent version is 2. This is for those that are not planning to restore. Remember DevTeam don’t do it. Written by admin Sunday, August 10th, And it runs only on Windows.

Be very very carefull. Written by admin Winpwn, September winpwn, Written by admin Thursday, October 16th, Absinthe supports untethered iOS 5.

You will not lose your contacts or have to do any backups. If you have iPhone 3G, you’ll winnpwn able to install winpwn party non AppStore applications through separate applications called Cydia and Installer and run these applications. Applications that those sites give you might be dangerous for your iPhone. The support for winpnw firmware 2. So here is what you can do:. Posted in WinpwnFirmwareOfficial.


Who should use this tool? DevTeam created a quick solution for jailbreaking an iPhone. The content of this website is not supplied winpwn reviewed by Apple Inc. Everything else could be harmful fake. So let’s summerize a little bit.

Posted in AllFirmwareOfficial Tagged with 2. Fixes iPwner Crashing issue and 16xx errors. Recently a new winpwn has been started, called XiPhone.

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Finally, if you are going to restore anyway, especially if you need to unlock a 2g, you may as well use winpwn or such. If you have old winpwn, in addition to that you’ll be able to unlock the device use with any carrier. There are winpwn many tools, some for Mac OS, others for Windows, different versions