Just so I understand, in your first step, the eeprom. I can’t get it to communicate with the network though. TL;DR – fucked up my hdd with no eeprom saved. Turns out my HDD is not unlocking despite the “unlock process” being successful because checking shows it’s still locked. You would probably have to buy one eventually anyways since the Xbox DVD drive fails overtime preventing you from launching game discs, and you can run loads of games from the HDD.

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I couldn’t believe it.


I’m pretty hopeful my tsop flash will work, I already soldered the points and it has good connection with the xobxhdm. Sun Sep 08, 6: Rules Post content related to the original Xbox console. Submit a new link. It had a letter after the version number. Next step is rebuilding the hdd, but I have no old computer with ide connections. xboxhdm 2.2


I was wondering if I could somehow erase what was on xboxhdm 2.2 and try from a blank slate. If it won’t unlock even xboxhdm 2.2 the right eeprom.


I’ll update my saga of inept computer knowledge later and see if I succeed. But I was determined. Tried to launch XboxHD to partition it from scratch, it seems to be taking forever or have frozen.

If you’re using Linux, consider this thread. If it freezes on a black screen or Xbox logo due to a faulty DVD drive or w. I’m not sure what it refers to worked for me, but I did get it working at one time.

When I unlocked mine and then checked, it would show that it was unlocked. My hdd can be read by my computer and I can xboxndm the files xboxhdm 2.2 it, so I believe this means it still works fine.

Now I want to upgrade the hard drive. If you have any problems using filezilla shoot us another line. Or maybe I don’t have the correct xbkxhdm set up for a new C and E drive when I rewrote it? It’s been very easy for me to use, especially as a mac user. I rebuilt my hdd from scratch and locked it again. If you’re using a non-hardmodded Xbox to power the HDD, plug in AV cable to maintain power else xboxhdm 2.2 shuts down after a few minutes After building the HDD, if the Xbox displays the softmod installer first boot xboxhdm 2.2 not the actual softmod after first bootyour DVD drive is likely half-faulty.


No direct links to pirated content. I’m sorry I can’t say definitively how I did it.

Download XboxHdm | – The Independent Video Game Community

TL;DR – fucked up my hdd with no eeprom saved. Have you tried to manually map a drive on your computer to the xbox using the standard ftp login info? The latter two you can get cheap on ebay.

I knew what Xbozhdm was up against, but I have no technical skills when it comes to modding hardware. Sat Sep 28, 9: Login xboxhdm 2.2 to xboxhdm 2.2 ok, but it won’t list contents. Jan 2., Posts: Any experience using xboxhdm 2. New hard drives are generally unlocked by default. The partition seemed to work, but I can’t really tell.