Life and Death Alexander Balanescu. Sexy Trippy All Moods. I see this project as a very ambitious one, both in its musical aims, and in the means of achieving these aims. Their live performances are notable for their sheer energy and dynamism. Lullaby Dream Maria T. Jazz Latin New Age.

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Balanescu Quartet

With eleven tracks that fill nearly the physical maximum allowed by CD technology, there are enough highlights that I could spend nearly ballanescu entire paragraph talking about each track. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Introspection Late Night Partying.

Lullaby Dream Maria T. Turning Wheels Alexander Balanescu.

They’ve created film scores Angels And Insectshave contributed to film scores The Garden and have released a slew of unique and interesting albums, performing both interpretations marja other artists work and original scores of their own. The Young Conscript and the Moon.

MUTE • Balanescu Quartet • Maria T

Streams Videos All Posts. In the same way that Maria Tanase collected songs and transformed them, I took this material and recomposed it, filtering it through my own personal experience. For the release, he took the works valanescu Tanase and then re-imagined them through his own eclectic musical perspectives, and the result is easily some of the most stunning work ever from the group. Release Date April 19, Sexy Trippy All Moods. Life and Death Alexander Balanescu.

Palace of Arts, Budapest. Otherwise, the sound quality is fine. Suffice to say, the five-year break certainly doesn’t mean that the group was going through any sort of a slump if this is the result.


Maria T Mute Musical groups established in English string quartets Romanian musical groups Contemporary classical music ensembles Balanescu quartet maria t Marua artists. Wine’s So Good Like in the album Luminitzamy intention balanescu quartet maria t baalanescu to make transcriptions or arrangements of the ethnic material, but to develop through my own particular musical perspective a new personal language, while always remaining true to the spirit of the original source material.

InAlexander Balanescu left the Arditti Quartet to form his own Balanescu Quartet and in the time since they’ve gone on to gain a reputation as one of the worlds leading contemporary balanescu quartet maria t foursomes. The way the track ballanescu and even the way that it’s constructed owes a lot to electronic music balanescy in the repeated ballanescu layered melodic piecesand like the best work of the group re-imagines the music in a way that holds the elements of the original while taking it new places.

I see this magia as a very ambitious one, both in its musical aims, and in the means balanescu quartet maria t achieving these aims. Following on from my work on the album Luminitzafor which I took elements of Eastern European folk music as sources of inspiration for new musical material, on this particular project I took the songs of Maria Tanase as a basis for new compositions. Maria Tanase was born inand died in in Bucharest, Romania, becoming the greatest Romanian popular singer and creating a musical genre which is completely unique.


Retrieved from ” https: At the core of her art is the fatalistic Romanian folk philosophy, with its central idea of the transience of existence. Apart from everything else, Maria Tanase was very glamorous, living life to the full and, like all great singers, singing about her own joys, sorrows and aspirations. I’d like to achieve great variety in dealing with different songs-compositions, but the main idea is that there is a kind of meeting, bridging the years and the cultural divide between us and Maria Tanase; that is why sometimes I use Maria Tanase’s actual vocals, combined with live material.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Also, I think Maria Tanase, notwithstanding her legendary star state in Romania, has the potential to be more widely known. Its guiding force has been the Romanian virtuoso violinist and composer Alexander Balanescu quarte, who has led the quartet across musical quaftet into new unchartered territory. Retrieved 30 May Much like the Kronos Qhartet, the Balanescu Quartet have often shrugged-off many expectations one may have of a string quartet, and with this release will hopefully valanescu garner even more of the attention they deserve.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.