In the mix, I went through a great deal of experimentation to find the ultimate combination of microphone choice, level, and panning. They represent the most average sound of those instruments. Cinesamples proudly presents Drums of War, a sample library for composers featuring a variety of large, cinematic drums. The massive scope and width of these drums were a perfect choice for this groundbreaking blockbuster film. We intended to stay away from anything overtly ethnic in the library.

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Your name or email address: Though it is very specific in focus, it offers a variety of textures that are all very useful to any cinedamples and on any project.

Everything recorded with 10xRR and up to 10 velocity layers. Cinesamples CineHarps Problem on Mac. What was your intention regarding the scope and stylings of the library?

This library is now available to you – exclusively from the folks at cinesamples. The next most important consideration was microphone choice and placement. Many action scenes often employ large ethnic percussion such as the Japanese Taiko.

Can cinesamples drums of war 2 describe the actual recording process? Drums of War Cinesamples proudly presents Drums of War, a sample library for composers featuring a variety of large, cinematic drums.

Cinesamples – Drums of War | Volume 1 of our Epic, Cinematic Drums

They are cinesa,ples WAV format so its easy to use them, I was wondering if cinesamples drums of war 2 was a bug or am I missing something? I went and checked inside the folders and found out that there are a bunch of other samples that are not being used in the patch these are not unused garbage wav files.


Cinesamples proudly presents Cinesamplles of War, a sample library for composers featuring a variety of large, cinematic drums. Drums of War 2 Drums of War 2 is the newest member to the cinesamples percussion family, and its parents are beaming. Hollywood music tends to refer to anything that is not based in European orchestral tradition as ethnic. Following in the scope of the original Drums of War this new volume takes a different approach to achieving massive-percussive impact. So, I chose one of the best sounding halls in New York that is often used in film music recording.

Cinesamples Drums of War 2, percussion library for Kontakt

I used very little DSP in the mix. As we began to plan, I knew which orchestral and not so typically orchestral instruments we would need for recording. I knew I wanted a cinematic sound.

DOW 2 uses double, triple, and quadruple tracking — mapped down to one sample and therefore one key — allowing you to trigger this labor intensive studio-process which a single keystroke. We recorded everything at a 96kHz sampling rate and a bit depth of Discussion in ‘ Samplers ‘ started by jayhindJul 30, Cinesamples Voxos and Voxos 2 advice needed. Based on my experience recording music for films including “The Lord of the Rings”, I was able to replicate the treatment, alteration, and recording of many instruments.


My microphone placement decision was based on two things: We wanted to focus our energies on a very specific sound rather than trying to offer a huge variety and we believe our product is better for having done so. Cinesamples drums of war 2 16, Messages: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Many libraries sample instruments in the most typical setting. In large cinematic scenes, the percussion is often treated, altered, and recorded atypically. This is a large hall, which provided a flattering decay to percussion instruments.

Cinesamples Drums of War 2 | AudioSEX – Professional Audio Forum

What makes Drums of War different from most other percussion libraries? This allowed me to shape the sound in the mix to suit cinematic applications – our primary goal. I limited my number of perspectives because too many can cause problems in phase correlation.