Like 1st blood and etc.. This patch does not need to be applied. Please make it as briefly as you can: Download this file if you upgrading from an old version. I am tired of new patches after every while.. Blizzard has released the Warcraft 1. But when the update is over,it called me to restart it.

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Like 1st blood and etc. I am tired of new patches dota 1.24e every while. It says that my current version of warcraft is more up to date than the patch. To get attention to others? Download all in one WVS and the 1. Download 1.244e file if you upgrading from an old version.

When i patch it. I can double click on the version 1.

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.24

U don’t know that i’m a PRO if wanna fight just tell what room are you? Sorry for bad english. This is an official way of updating to Warcraft 1. Get Updates via Email!


dota 1.24e I 124e and istaled war3 and tft,and i cant patch them If so, please help me out here. Ii works but it says ‘ Frozen Throne is failed to run’ Please anyone help. I have the 1. Prepatch failed wat is tis? I tried a lot of times but the same thing keep appearing. I tried to install 1. It gives me an error after they ask me to “restart.

Im Using Windows 7,but i cant do the patching.

DotA Utilities

As soon as i Connect to a game i get disconnected within 3 seconds after dota 1.24e game starts. Sheep Hack, Cooldown hack, Crash hack etc. After downloading the appropriate patch file, Run it! It says i was disconnected from game, it happened on mafa map too. I downloaded it to battle. Has anyone got a solution??

Patch WarCraft III e – Download

It seems to work fine if i host a map solo without taking any players in. Man i cant install cause when i Run it, Say: Lastly open again WVS dota 1.24e click switch version then you see 1.


I followed the steps shown. I just wanna know why every time you switch version, it takes up mb or something. If you are still facing any problems while installing the dota 1.24e use Warcraft Version Switcher or just post a comment!

Warcraft 3 TFT 1. Can u help me guys!!? Can someone please help fota But when the update is over,it called me to restart it.