Themida, Enigma, etc – New injection technique: So secure that even Windows won’t even know about the injected DLL. I would never infect any users with anything. This is just a feature I decided to add for the future. Ich hab das Problem, das er gar nicht erst startet Problemsignatur: It may not work properly on OSes newer than Windows 10, you will be told what to do by the injector in that case.

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Leute es ist kein trojaner xd viren frei. On a bit computer, the injector runs as a bit process and on a bit computer, it runs as a bit process. Does not Work on Windows This is good if an anti-cheat tries to search for a specific signature at a masetr131 offset. Darawk – Thread hijacking code concept.

[25/10/2012] Extreme Injector v2.1 by Master131 (Work Perfect)

Everything should be straight forward. If you copied your settings. It is not a virus, you can run it under a sandbox and log every single thing it does, it’s harmless. This is all so people don’t complain about non-working hacks and don’t end up downloading and saving files to the wrong place. That means you can inject byy hacks into bit processes don’t worry, you can still inject into bit processes on a bit OS.


Ich wollte mir gerade den Extreme Injector hier herunterladen dann kam eine Meldung meines Antiviren Programmens Norton dass es ein Trojaner exrreme. Standard – This applies even more scrambling options that should work with most DLLs. It may not work properly on OSes newer than Windows 8. I would never infect any users with anything.

Extreme Injector v

Stimmt das oder ist mein Antivirus zu empfindlich? Try using another injection method, some do not work with all hacks. If you’ve used DLL Scrambler, you’re probably familiar with these options. Inuector using ‘Start in Secure Mode’ It will probably not work on anything newer than that.

These post-inject techniques are often seen within hacks to try prevent detection from anti-cheats but this injector can do it externally if the hack doesn’t do it already. Most modern anti-cheats these days can extreme injector v2.1 by master131 easily detect DLLs even with these options enabled.

V.1 explain the Post-Inject Options! It is pretty stable and is not used by many injectors. Everything should be straight forward do not mess around with Advanced settings unless you know what you are doing. NET Framework 4 Credits: With the new version of Extreme Injector v3, there are etxreme too many options to explain so I’ve created handy presets to make things easier: There’s a problem though.


Changes since version 3.

None – As the name implies, this means that DLL scrambling is disabled completely. The injector will automatically scramble the file before it is injected into the game. This post has been rated by: Please Master how i can fix this Found?

If you want to target a specific process or select by window name, use the Select button. About the new bit injection: This injetor of the injector introduces 2 new injection techniques. So secure that even Windows won’t even know about the injected DLL.