I like to call it “This American Life” for filmmakers. They hurry to lunch. Who are we to begrudge him if he can get it. Just saying, Jesh has not lost a dime or a client over this. Well, some folks settle on a few actions that they love and fit well with their style, some find a couple of actions and presets that they tweak to make their own, and others reject the actions entirely, going back to basic color correction and straight forward black and white. When you strip away the offerings, the emperor really has no clothes.

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Do I like the idea of the industry going in a clique-oriented direction with high prices, name-dropping and and attacks against anyone who dissents? In truth, Jesh can charge whatever the market will bear for his consultation. Who are we to begrudge him if he can get it. I have a lot of critiques about it all.

First of all, thank you for your blog posts. The Art and Business of Photography: Three tweets from Zack stood out to me: Thanks Angel for your thoughtful comment and for reading the blog. But it is what it is.

Actions, Presets, and Finding your Own Style

Spread the wealth of knowledge Jesh, jesh de rox actions you are so passionate about what you teach, why charge so much or anything for it? This is the kind of money millionaires pay to spend a day with a Hollywood-caliber celebrity. From what images I have seen on his site and in his promo video I am not to impressed. In short, this was either a brilliant marketing move by Jesh, or a really bad judgment call to advertise that package.


Instead of joining a movement, learn ro craft and stand on the shoulders of those that came before you! What else to do but go over old photos? Is he offering an insight on making incredible photographs that nobody else can ve She is proud to provide her clients with modern, emotional, actionw totally kick-ass wedding images.

Zack and many other photogs who follow both he and Jesh was shocked that any photog would charge such a sum of money for a one-day personal session. My take is if I can generate this much buzz about my business by making crazy offerings than maybe it is awesome PR.

But Actioons would never in jesh de rox actions million years call them out in a public forum. I then use the actipns brightening and sharpening that I use for the color images, but leave out the color tint part. They hurry to lunch.

jesh de rox colorshift action photos on Flickr | Flickr

Your point is actually quite interesting. I just think that if people do not like someone or something, they should just walk away… but walk away quietly. Come on…throw us a bone at least! Jesh gave a cations webinar about his upcoming Beloved Collective: Thanks for reading and sharing my friend.


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When you strip away the offerings, the emperor really has no clothes. But the bottom line is — the people who can afford his workshops and are interested — more power to them, enjoy, have fun, etc. I only would want to say that anyone who would spend that kind of money has got some serious problems and perhaps it is those people who deserve our concern and perhaps, medical jesh de rox actions.

And that is what this industry needs. I am one of the twitters who used the hash tag onedaywithjeshinstead but I also looked at his work and critiqued his website while I did. It was not the topic of the webinar last night.

But it would be a shame jeshh misjudge him there, his sincerity is the last thing I would ever question. Only slight tweaking on the levels but otherwise SOOC. I do think that some workshops are often exploitive in price and do not have the ROI that matches the price. I think what I provided was a fair and objective review of the situation.