Just read the lyrics: General Comment Neither the cricket variation nor sex interpretation is convincing. This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. A plausible conclusion is that “it” is a solid object that is difficult to bend but one that becomes malleable if it is dropped and a popping sound occurs. Equal rights and justice! Login with Google Error:

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SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. General Comment i think it’s about the brain, our thoughts, and drugs.

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Peter Tosh – Ketchy Shuby Lyrics | SongMeanings

General Comment If you listen to the song which includes the beat,the melody,and the words. Song Meaning This ketvhy a simple song about love-making. Ketchy Shuby song meanings. We do not have any tags for Ketchy Shuby lyrics. Lyrics submitted by wailers No doubt that it’s a song about sex, just listen to it So how can ketchy shuby play a game similar to baseball without ketchy shuby all night long? It’s not a dirty song at all, it’s about sex in its purest form.

Equal rights and justice!

Ketchy Shuby is found on the album Collection Gold. General Comment it wasn’t clear to me at all, but reading Plato I’ve just realized Add your thoughts 12 Comments.

Peter Tosh:Ketchy Shuby Lyrics

Honorary Citizen Scrolls of the Prophet: The lyrics primarily are about the person who feels ketchy and not the person who has become shuby. The lyrics suggest “ketchy shuby” is not a term or words intended to be construed together but two separate words each with their own meaning.


The effect of dropping “it” causes a popping sound, suggesting that “it” is something fragile. General Comment The song is actually about sex. Sign In Don’t have an account?

The third and fourth line should read, “When me shuby, you fe ketchy,” meaning, “When I push, you must catch it. General Comment Neither the cricket variation nor sex interpretation is convincing.

This shyby is by Peter Tosh and appears…. Ketchy shuby yeah, this song is all about sex; this isn’t even keetchy interpretation, it’s just what the song is ketchy shuby about. Come make we play some Ketchy shuby And when me shuby You ketchy shuby ketchy And when you’re ketchy Don’t make it drop ‘Cause if it drop It will pop And if it pop No one can mend it ‘Cause if them mend it You can easily bend it So keetchy ah go Ketchy, ketchy – shuby, shuby tonight All night long we ah go Tell me if you like it All night long we ah ketchy shuby It don’t take too ketchy shuby to learn Just you do as I say It may only take one hours or two And by the next time you will know what to do We ah go Me and you ah go All night long we ah go Mhmhm repeat first 3 verses So we ah go All night long we ah go Your mama don’t like it Your papa don’t like it Long time I’m waitin’ Get you right where you’re All night long we ah go Me and you ah go Tell me if you like it All night long, all night long Mhm, mhm I know you sweet you I know you like it Come back fi go.


Peter Tosh – Ketchy Shuby Lyrics

No Replies Log in to reply. Few, if any, cricket fields have lights. User does ketchy shuby exist. You will never understand that this song is so much shhuby sexing and nothing else! The song has imparted something unique to each listener; it’s custom, ‘made-to-order’ genius, straight up.

The female partner in the song has never had sex before, and Peter is helping her through it, assuring her that it’s not hard to do. Second, since cricket is the Jamaican national sjuby, and second most popular sport in the world after soccerwhy would mama and papa not like it? It’s not only about sex, but about a guy getting a presumably young virgin girl to go to bed with him Oh, and Plato: Ketchy shuby ietchy enable javascript to view this page.

I’m not sure how the “easily bend” fits in. Tosh refers to ketchy shuby the rules of the game.