This is how comfortable i want to get on a chill night with my girl, and this is how my happy place sounds at any time. Super proud to present to you: Lemmings are cows now. I hope you will, too! You had your roughest gear on and tried to find your way during that christmas blizzard, that made the Empire State sway from left to tight.

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Kxmillion Leo is one of our own — homegrown at the YUM YUM parties in cologne and around and i just wish i had more time wjll talk to Golo and get him more involved. We wanna celebrate with you that xmas is almost here and so we are offering you this special gift.

For all nerds and gaming enthusiasts out there, go check their website. I recommend playing RDR2 with it! Putting women on the forefront in lead-roles and with strong character, niuworldorder is hinting on a future in which socially constructed roles and stereotypes might be altered.

I remember running into the RZA a few years back hwads telling him that and the look on his face was like a man who just went all the way down memory lane. But nonetheless, we tried to capture that rough and rugged feel, that you could feel all neads town and in every gritty dirty little sidestreet and corner you saw. And this is kid kamillion heads will roll team-up with fellow London native Lui Peng, who did quite a lot of solid releases so far, and has just returned from kamiillion successful Asia tour.

Reece is a brilliant young man, hailing from London, UK, who has hit me up with tons of material about a year ago. It was a time before Puff, Biggie, and the rest, it was jazz, soulful loops, breaks, with solid drum break, proper mellow vibes, fender chords, live basses and the amalgamation of the hip hop state of mind and music of kid kamillion heads will roll long gone by — just like these days are by now.


Heads Will Roll (Kid Kamillion Edit)

And this this is where the animation comes from in the video. Enjoy Sideways Vol 1. So this here was the last tune that was done with the old state of mind, but it is already the both of them and you can just hear why the two of them are meant for each other, not only in music but also in life. Below find a link to the Album — so make sure to get that and save it on Spotify, Apple, but no download gate or any of that nonsense.

Heads Will Roll (Kid Kamillion Edit) x Drop Top

We are happy to be joining him along his artists journey — under his brand new artist project Tiny Dolphin in — and here is a good idea where this will go, and also a glimpse of our youtube ropl new design ; where we will feature every released track and every real Video and Lyric Video, and sometimes just little messages from our artists. I always liked Tommy bc he was an observer and appeared to be the Silent Guy, that knew and exactly understood the musical Zeitgeist.

Much can be said about Tommy kid kamillion heads will roll pretty much everything of it is positive and most of it is right. When playing music he added his own touch and showed his love and appreciation for what he liked.


Heads Will Roll (Kid Kamillion Re-Heat) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs Song Statistics |

We Door 6 in our Advent Calendar! As i reminisce about the cold winter of There is much more to come from Apsley — which now 2 not 1 anymore! You will hear it anyway, soon enough. I think i actually deejayed only once with Tommy before i hit the brakes with the wheels.

Even the songs he picked for remixing, reimagining are picked tastefully. Top Tunes are back — just as planned.

Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) (Kid Kamillion Edit) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Pandora

The story behind this tune is that the original, which is one of the most beautiful acoustic songs in my collection, has been a long time favourite on our side of life. That show was legendary. Good music will always find its way. Classy tribute or cover. I tried to keep it clean.

And exactly 14 years since i started the whole thing. So it must be fate that i produced these pictures of my mental memory lane with one of kamilloin favourite musical partners also called Dominik.

We start it of with Tommys self made and tasetfully selected Remixes for djs. I liked all of it, and that is super-rare in my world.

Jeru had come out that year and the first Wu-Tang track was out.