This is music where I can’t see almost nothing interesting. Here are it’s roots in the modern music industry right here. Alpha Centauri LP album cover. The flute part, after few sliding notes of guitar, is a great moment. Lush elements enter and disappear like events of a dream. Latest members reviews After some reformation, this is a milestone in Tangerine Dream’s development. Spacey to start with.

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A trip in space for all who will dare. The flute and the organ’s square waves have something of tribal.

Alpha Centauri – Tangerine Dream | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

The spirit of Pink Floyd is still strong and just like the second track of the debut, the ‘Celestial Voices’ part of A Saucerful of Secrets’ again forms the basis for a gradually intensifying piece with thundering drums and solo flute.

The epic and title track doesn’t provide me the same emotion but it is still a fine TD experience. I hear the wonder of exploration paired with the gnawing fear that this is a journey that might never end. In fact the entire first 18 minutes are very vanguard, with free-form flute playin dueling against atonal noise from the Tangerine dream alpha centauri and other sounds processed through modulators, oscillators and echo boxes.

Effectively some sort of space ambient with robust psychedelic leanings, the pace is rather slow for the most part. It gets a little annoying after 3 minutes with those sharp sounds. Then you get the side length title track.


The tracks were previously released on a compilation and they make for tangerine dream alpha centauri interesting addition on the Esoteric reissue. If ever you are in such situation, believe me: I do not think it is a very dark or eerie album at all.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s like a last nod to Pink Floyd’s ‘Umma Tangerind before they would venture into the bleak emptiness of ‘Zeit’. This is the only cut the album with drums. Listening to this will let you csntauri in the infinity of space. Latest members reviews After some reformation, this is a milestone in Tangerine Dream’s development. But dismissing this classic would be foolhardy unless it is a genre you cannot comprehend.

TANGERINE DREAM Alpha Centauri (reissue) vinyl at Juno Records.

From Wikipedia, the tangerine dream alpha centauri encyclopedia. After “Electronic Meditation”, Froese found himself with a completely new line-up, and with completely different ideas that will turn out to be quite innovating: Can you say “Noise Tangerine dream alpha centauri Here we have the first attempt in recreating space, and cenhauri though not as effective and credible as later albums for instance because of the vocals at the end of the title trackit succeeds in some ways, and it is a good alph for relaxing and zoning out completely.

Krautrock [1] space music [2]. However, the album stands or falls by its epic title track, and by and large it stands.


Still, it’s a difficult piece to get into, fascinating but not exactly appealing. This is though, a far more listenable album than the debut, due to the sounds and instruments used being generally easier on the ear. You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not.

There’s much “Floydism” in this second work of Tangerine Dream. Finally the main target “Alpha Centauri” emerges interestingly as distant echoes of drum plates and unclear voices.

Alpha Centauri

As many have noted, it is all a bit eerie and cold at first. This is classical music now. Alpha Centauri is the second album by German electronic music group Tangerine Dreamreleased in March by record label Ohr.

I find them similar to the third “movement” of the PinkFloyd’s suite.

Not exactly accessible Exit this is notbut this is recommended for those who want something more adventurous. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. One may consider this the truly first Tangerine Dream album, because we fream here a kind of music that was to be developed by them in next albums and was to become their mark in musical scenario.